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Hardware - Installation - Upgrades - Troubleshooting - Cleaning
Installation - If you need help setting up a new computer or if you are moving your computer to a new location, I can help.
Upgrades - Your current PC can probably be upgraded to a much faster machine for much less than the cost of a new PC. Software application and operating system upgrades can also improve overall performance and system stability.
Troubleshooting - Hardware conflicts can cause some devices to work slowly or not at all. I use diagnostic software to point out the incorrect settings that can hinder your hardware's performance.
Optimization - Bios and Windows settings and as well as device drivers all must be updated. I can locate the latest drivers online for your hardware to take advantage of it's fullest potential.
Cleaning - That's right, you'd be surprised what the inside of your computer case looks like. Heat buildup caused by dirty fans and components can hinder performance and damage your CPU, drives, memory, and mainboard. Regular, thorough cleanings can insure that your system is less likely to crash due to a heat problem.

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