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Software - Installation - Upgrades - Troubleshooting - Optimization
Installation - If you need help installing new software, I can help. Maybe you know what you want to do, but don't know what software to use. I can suggest the proper software application to get the job done.
Upgrades - Application upgrades or Operating System upgrades are not always simple. It takes someone who's 'been there' to know what to do.
Troubleshooting - Sometimes the problem is just a software conflict or setting that can be easily changed. Other times, re-installing software or operating systems fix nagging hang-ups and freezes.
Optimization - A system tune-up may help restore some of your lost speed. I can defrag HD, optimize swapfile, graphics driver update, optimize CDROM caching, optimize the Registry, optimize resource allocation, and disable resource hogging programs, etc.

Ricky L. Johnson - Computer Guy     Phone: 662-887-1732     Email: rickyjohnson@bellsouth.net

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